Rie Aoki

How To Make Your Waist Look Little Without Workout

Rie Aoki
How To Make Your Waist Look Little Without Workout

Are you getting your summer body ready?

Am I? - yeah, nah, eh. Since the summer break from the ballet season has began, I've been trying to workout a tad bit more. A taaaaaad bit. But you know, it's always nice to feel fit and look fit, and I have my major styling rule to feel/look fit without working out aka lazy way to look fabulous! This is one of my styling rules since I was 16. And I've been following it because I know my body shape and I know it works the best! So what is it? - IT'S HIGH WAISTED BOTTOMS!


All of the bottoms I own are high waisted design. You will NEVER see me in something that's not high waisted. I adore this style that much! Why? - so if you are a short person, you will understand that to make yourself look long and tall, you need more length on your legs. But unfortunately there is no way to stretch my legs inches longer (I wish), so the only thing I can do is make the FABRIC LENGTH longer. So, starting my bottoms from my waist makes my body proportion look much, much longer. So I've been wearing high waist bottoms for a long time since I discovered this trick, and I have more tricks to look taller, nobody realizes how short I am until they see me in person. I get that "OMG I didn't know you are this little!" comment A LOT. 

Also, high waist designs start from the smallest part of your waist, so it highlights the smallest part of your torso. Means it's the best way to show your body! That's another reason I love this style. I can hide the lower tummy where I hold my food baby, and I'm constantly eating so that part never looked fit! haha But again, I can hide it wearing high waisted bottoms!!

What's the best thing you should pair with high waist bottoms? - the answer is ANYTHING, but I especially wear crop tops or tucked in shirts. You feel like you need to have legit abs to wear crop tops, but high waisted bottoms are already hiding most of your tummy, so you don't actually worry about it much. 

 So I had a shoot with the cropped wrap top X high waisted bottom combo, "the trick" really worked although I felt like I was oh so out of shape, but it turned out fine. That's why I wanted to share with you! Try this out, it makes your outfit fun and summerly, and you will still feel comfortable!




This super cute cropped wrap top is from my photographer friend Ashley's brand Harlow Moon, and the high waisted wide legs are from MSGM. All the shots are taken by literally the cutest, Riley! She was such a cute sweet little thing. Working around Philly with her was absolutely fun. We shot another magical look at a magical location, but I'll blog about it later on!




Here are some of my picks that are comfortable and cute wearing!




I just realized it's officially summer! I'm not a fan of heat but at least it's not cold - let's enjoy summer fashion y'all <3



Photos by Riley Brown