Rie Aoki

4 BHLDN Dresses You Will Love

Rie Aoki
4 BHLDN Dresses You Will Love

'Tis the wedding season!

As you get older you get more invitations to weddings, formal parties (adulting!), and you need more occasion dresses. Looking for a nice, classy dress that is simply stunning? Well, I got you! 

I had a shoot with Kelee from BHLDN (!!!) and I got to try some of their magical dresses. I've posted a few pictures on my Instagram, and since then I've been getting messages about how their dresses are from those ladies who are looking for occasion dresses, I thought it'd be fun to share my feedback of their dresses with you. For your info, I'm 5"1' and my dress size is a 00/0, so put that in your mind through checking out the dresses!


DRESS 1: Lucy Dress



All the dresses I wore fit my body like a glove, and they are all fully lined - the Lucy Dress has such a simple cut, and I'm deeply in love with the bottom line it creates. It made my waist look itsy bitty too!! Here I am wearing a size 0 - it fits very nicely, it's just a quite long since I'm a short, short human. The tank part is a bit long too but it's because I have a small chest... I'm telling you, being small isn't fun sometimes! But overall, I love this dress a lot!




Dress 2: Madison Dress



I think wine red is the color that makes every woman look and feel very sexy, beautiful, and confident. Although this dress comes with lots of beautiful color choices, but my fave is this wine red. The front cut: mock neck makes the dress look even more elegant and classy. The back cut: the little diamond cut gives the "damnnnnnnn!"-look. I wore their sample dress and it was a size 4, so despite the super long length and baggy body, it was supposed to fit you just finely!




Dress 3: Gwyneth Dress



This dress' sunburst pleating on the waist makes your figure look SNATCHED. Also, I was never a one-shoulder design fan until I met this dress. So elegant yet still fun. I was just absolutely amazed how my baby body looked very feminine in this dress. I'd say this dress can be a nice night out dress too since it has such a fun design - imagine getting cocktails at a nice bar counter wearing this dress!




Dress 4: Dara Dress



Everyone's fave: off the shoulder - the romantic silhouette gives you feminine vibes. The bottom of the skirt flares so it's even more romantic and lovely! The off the shoulder part stays still on your skin finely, not that you put your arms up and it comes up kind of off the shoulder. It's kind of important, isn't it? 




Overall, they were all long on me but I usually have this problem for any dress, so if you are not 5"1' you won't need the dresses tailored or anything. I honestly think it's pretty that a tad bit of dress is dragging and following you - like Megan Markle's wedding dress!!

Hope this post helps those ladies who asked me about the dresses! 

Also a huge shoutout and thank you to the babe Kelee who took those pictures and made me feel magical, check out her BEAUTIFUL pictures on her Instagram @keleeb and website >>HERE<<!



Photos by Kelee Bovelle