4 Ways To Wear A Headscarf

4 Ways To Wear A Headscarf

Looooong time no see!

Time literally flies and it has been almost 2 months since last time I blogged... How are you doing? I've been super busy, I went to Japan, my ballet season has started, a lot of things have been going on! Also, I wanted to be more productive for blog content, so I needed a small break to think about what I want to bring to my readers! So here I am back :)

So, the accessory I wear the most all year long is; a SCARF! As a necklace, hair ties, an accent to my purses, etc... There are millions of ways to accessorize scarves but I've been getting tons of messages asking me how I tie my headscarves, so today I'm blogging a tutorial of my 4 ways to wear a headscarf! Try them especially now during the summer, head wraps are so hot this summer!!

What you need: A BIG SCARF (I adore silk ones!)



I'd say it's the most asked style I've been questioned, and it's actually super duper easy!

1) Wrap your scarf around your head, make a double knot

2) Wrap the rest around of the knot

3) Tuck the ends in and TAH DAH!




After the step 1 of TOP KNOT, you just need to tuck the ends in - THAT'S IT!




1) Twist each side and pull them tight

2) Tuck them in - DONE!




1) Fold the scarf in a triangle, leave the top point of the triangle on your forehead, and then make a double knot over it

2) Tuck the ends in at the bottom, tuck the rest of the triangle in: you can tuck it in either under the knot, or over the knot, whichever you like!

Tip: when you do this style I recommend NOT to wear your bun too high, it makes batter line!




I hope this tutorial was helpful for those who asked me about it. Shoot me a message if anyone has any requests or Qs - have a magical day y'all <3