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Lombard Cafe

Rie Aoki
Lombard Cafe

My blood type? - COFFEE.

Hey guys! I feel like it's been forever since last time I blogged. I had a very busy month and I was so overwhelmed... but hey, I'm chilling now!

Today I want to talk about my addiction - COFFEE. My body is made with coffee, I swear to God. There are so many cafes I love here in Delaware and Philly, and I went to one of them for a shoot the other day.

I found Lombard Cafe this past summer, and I fell in love with their cute little place, lattes, and people who works there. Everything is 11 out of 10! When I shot with Anya in February, by the time we finished shooting the first look, it was very cold. We were right by the South Street, so we randomly stopped by the cafe and decided to shoot. The staffs there are always so nice and this day the barista, I'm sure his name is Gabriel, was oh so sweet and made a beautiful latte for us so we could take cute shots! 




I looooove walls that are so much going on. Lombard Cafe's wall art is so perfect and I adore all the colors, mirrors, and different textures! Ugh so fun! So much inspo for my new home although Eddie prefers nothing on the walls - I kept telling him "oh well, you have Rie as wife so..." 

Let me talk about my major obsession: low pony tail with a big scarf - I've been loving this hairstyle for a while now, and it always gives me the fun vibe! Why BIG scarf? - Because my hair is super long! I like that my hair and the scarf match their lengths. If I had short hair, I'd wear smaller scarves! But anyhow, this style makes my outfits look one stepped up, or I could say effortless?




So I was very very lucky to find these vintage Levi's - it's not easy for me to find vintage jeans that are my size since I have a small waist and a flat butt, with big thighs. I found these ones in Meadow Sweet Old City. I prefer their 550 style, and these were THE jeans! I've been wearing them to everywhere, they fit on me like gloves. I'm on a hunt for more of Levi's 550!

Also simple wrap crop top is a must to have if you wear lots of high-waisted bottoms like I do! I honestly think all the bottoms I own are high waisted! Again, I wear it all the time. It goes with anything, mine is from Urban but I see the same design everywhere now.



WEARING (click to shop!)

top: Urban Outfitters

denim: Vintage Levi's via Meadow Sweet

scarf: Emmanuelle Silk

clogs: Moheda

necklace: Wild Foot Studio

sunnies: Free People 



wrap crop top

big scarf

Wanna see more of Anya's work? Follow her Insta @anyakay_photo and her website >>click HERE<<, also if you are in Philly area, stop by at Lombard Cafe and have some good lattes!



Photos by Anya Kay