An Easy Guide To Memorial Day Outfits With Pieces You Already Own

Memorial Day is right around the corner and have you thought about what to wear for the weekend?

Just over a month ago I blogged about how to wear all white in so many ways, but I thought it’d be great to bring this content back because if you don’t wear white for this Memorial Day I don’t know when to! Like I blogged last week, don’t spend too much money to be trendy - don’t buy new clothes just to style for this holiday weekend, I’m going to share my all white looks once again, and hope you can find a look you can copy with your white clothes you already own!

Photo Apr 20, 2 31 04 PM.jpg

White Dress

The easiest way to rock the look - just throw a dress on!

Photo Jun 25, 3 26 35 AM.jpg

Crop Top + Matching Bottoms

Because it’s just so hot out!

Photo Apr 06, 5 18 44 PM.jpg

Casual top + Easy Fitting Bottoms

If you don’t feel like “dressing up”, just pair a casual tee or shirt, with easy going pants or skirt!

Photo May 16, 8 03 49 PM.jpg

Blouse + Wide Bottoms

I love how chic this combo looks! Oh so romantic <3

If you’d like to see how I style white clothing with accessories and read the deets click HERE to my blogpost about all white! You can also easily follow my white looks via #WhenRieWearsWhite!Hope this post could give you some ideas for your memorial Day!