7 Day Challenge: WHITE BOOTS

7 Day Challenge Vol.2 is WHITE BOOTS!

Got so many great feedbacks for my first 7 Day Challenge that I shared last year - click HERE to read! - and I’d absolutely love to keep this series going!

Today I’m gladly sharing my second challenge with one of the hottest and the most trendy items of the season: White Boots! Everyone is wearing them, BUT there are SO MANY ways to style these on your own way! SO. MANY. Since I welcomed them into my life, my wardrobe game has changed and expanded my #OOTD ideas a lot more! They seem like they are not easy to style, but trust me, THEY ARE SO FUN TO WEAR! Here are SOME of my #OOTDs I’ve had done recently, (like I said, there are so many ways to wear them!) and hope this post gets you on fire for your white boots styling!


Easy Going MONDAY

Let’s just take it easy, it’s only Monday - I want to dress crisp, but as cozy as I can be at the same time on Mondays. White monochromatic looks are my favorite styling at the moment, this styling puts in such a chic mood, yet so cozy with loose and baggy items.



Neutral Lady TUESDAY

You can never go wrong with neutral clothes + white boots. So chic, neat and trendy with the boots, wear them with the matching blazer and a skirt!


Pattern Play WEDNESDAY

Pattern play always makes the hump day look more fun - balance out mixing the patterns and the boots will complete the look chic!



A floral suit is hot. With white boots, HOTTER. The suit trend still keeps going strong and now add the white boots for 2019 look - So extra! But fun! - One more day until the weekend, the over-the-top suit look will help you stick it out!


Gray Plaid FRIDAY

Gray plaid X white = FIRE. Put a fun-party detailed top, layered jewelry, and finish with crisp pants. From work to night out in one! You can tuck the pants into the boots, or leave them out of the boots - depends on the volume of the top, you can change and balance out the whole look!



Another white monochromatic look but a bit more outgoing, dressy, with a hint of city-life spice. Tuck the tighter fit white jeans into the boots for long-leg-effect, a crisp shirt would go nice too but I just had to wear these bell sleeve sweater for fun. Pattern playing the accessories, to make the look more playful!



Oversized sweater is a must for a lazy Sunday. Wide leg pants change how the boots look, so it’s a whole different way to enjoy these boots! With these boots, the loosey goosey outfit looks effortless, doesn’t it? Happy Sunday!

7 Day Challenge Complete!

Now you need a pair for yourself - I picked up some white boots for you! I personally like the ones with white heels (not wooden heels or any other type) and a high cut ankle style (easier to tuck in the bottoms).

Have a magical week friends!

Photos by Haley Hopkins & Angela Zielen