7 Day Challenge: WHITE BLAZER

So here is a new thing at RIE VICTORIA AOKI DOT COM…

I don’t think there is such a rule in the fashion world, I believe everyone can wear whatever they want to, but I have my own rules for my own fashion. One of my biggest rules I’ve been keeping up for MORE THAN 10 YEARS is NEVER EVER REPEAT THE SAME OUTFIT.

- Never ever. For these past 3650 + days. I’ve decided this when I was in high school, first started my fashion blog in Japan. I just love/enjoy being different everyday.

The other day I had an interview for a magazine article (!!!) that’s coming up on February 2019, and when the interviewer asked me what’s the biggest thing about my fashion styling, I answered exactly what I just said above: “never ever repeat the same outfit” - and she went “Wow that’s a looooot of clothes you have to have!!!”.

My answer was “Yes, but not just that, you have to be creative. I have to have a lot of ideas for each clothes I own.”

Is it hard not to repeat the same looks? - well, I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, so I’m quite used to it now. I get clingy when I repeat the same outfit, I don’t get as excited as the first time when I wore the look. For me, it’s like having the same meal over and over. Yes, I have a lots of clothes, but I can’t keep shopping and shopping, I have a budget! (#adulting) So this “rule” literally helps and challenges my creativity for fashion. And after the interview, it made me think - I want to share my ideas to enjoy a single piece in so many ways! So that’s how I came up with this “7 DAY CHALLENGE”!

So my first 7 day challenge item I want to share is a plain creme white blazer. An easy, simple item everyone can have…

1: With a Parisian vibe

+Grey plaid paper bag/cigarette pants +Artsy abstruct tee +Pointed toe heels +Plain small purse +Beret

Neutral colors are your best friends!


2: Professional in one tone

+White shirt +White pants +White pumps +Plain small purse

Think about it… if you change the color of the shirt, or the pants, that’s another hundred looks!


+Grey plaid blazer +Grey turtle knit +Grey jeans +Grey boots +Grey accessories

If you are a blazer lover, wear two blazers together - It doubles the heat too! FYI, adding a scarf like this is a trick to look long and tall!

4: Be playful with colors and textures

+Colored tee +Colored belt bag +Metallic skirt +Boots +Baker boy hat

When I’m not in the mood for simple, I just mix whatever, and it works!

5: Major obsession - BELT OVER BLAZER

+ Colored wide legs +Big belt +Pointed toe heels +Big earrings +Shoulder bag

Boss lady look. A belt over a blazer/outer has been my favorite styling lately, it instantly gives me an extra small waist magic!

6: Layer a fur vest

+Fur vest +brown turtleneck +patterned skinny pants +Layered gold necklaces +Circle bag +Long leather boots

When I wear a big shilhouette top, I prefer wearing skinny pants with it for tiny leg effect. A fur vest turns the blazer into something else. Also, paring fur with animal prints makes the look wild and so trendy!

7: Don’t forget the dress!

+Floral maxi dress +Scarf +Woven circle bag +Lace up boots

You can never go wrong with simple blazer & cute floral dress! This is one of the ways to keep wearing your favorite summer dress all year long. Wrap a scarf on your ponytail for a bonus point!

It’s very fun to wear one thing in many, totally different ways. The excitement is very similar to when you buy new clothes! If you noticed, I’m using the same accessories here and there too. It’s all about be creative and have fun! I’ll keep doing this “project” every once in a while, let me know if you have any items you’d like me to style around in 7 ways!

Stay warm everyone, have a magical day!

Photos by Haley Hopkins