Don't Spend Too Much Money To Be Trendy

Don't Spend Too Much Money To Be Trendy

You know, adulting and being a huge fashion lover at the same time is hard…

Lately I’ve been really careful for what I spend my money on. The older I get, the more serious I think about my financial situation. Sometimes while I’m shopping, I think like “I should just save the $ instead, for my feature kids’ collage savings or a down payment on a house…” It’s getting real serious but I can never ever quit shopping. Hey, I’m born to shop! haha

So many people says “Oh I don’t want this just because it’s trendy””I don’t want to be a trend follower”, etc, I’m actually opposite. If I hear it’s trendy and I’ve never tried or had it in my life, I WANT TO GIVE IT A TRY. My life motto is “YOLO” and I’d rather say “I’ve done it” than “I’ve never had”, not just about fashion, about everything in my life. But in fashion, “it’s on trend = it’s a great chance for you to try”!

It doesn’t mean I need to follow ALL the trends. I usually listen to my heart for which trends to follow. I believe in its sense. You just need to know what you like. For example, polka dot is super on trend but I never really liked it because I feel like it’s too sweet for me. So I just never followed the trend and I’m totally fine with that. When you follow “the trend”, you can’t forget that the trend will go away. They will be not-trendy someday. So you don’t want to spend too much money to be trendy. New trends will keep coming. You’ve gotta be smart!

A few month ago I blogged about the pearl trend, and yes, pearl will forever be every lady’s items, but I’m not sure pearl hair clips will be still trendy in 2021. Who knows? But I love that they are on trend now and of course I wanted them. But before I got mine, I was shook that they are actually ridiculously pricey! Some places sell a single pin for $40! I was like, UM, NO, and started browsing around. AND I FOUND MINE WITH THE PRICE I LIKE.


How much do you think I spend on this hair look? - total $25!

I got the rectangle clip for $15 (still thought it was a bit much), and then found the triangle and another rectangle clips as SET for $8 (ok that’s better), and then got the simpler pins 3 for $2.70 (that’s what I’m talking about!!!!! - I’m not wearing one of them here)


And I found more and more with the price I like. So I’m sharing them with you today! Swipe and find what you like, and re-create my look!

Spend little money to “try” the trends, and shop smart! When I cannot find things on the boutiques I follow on social media, I usually check Etsy or ASOS! They usually have what I’m looking for with good price. I also check Shein for small accessories. Although I don’t really hear amazing reviews for clothing from them, all the hair pins/clips I got from them are absolutely nice and affordable! Save the little $ so you can buy something big someday, or spend more for someone else. Now enjoy all the pictures with the look. I LOVE how artsy this look turned out and hope you enjoy these as much as I do!



Photos by Cara Kelly