How I Enjoy "Fashion" In The Studio

How I Enjoy "Fashion" In The Studio


I will never forget, the time when I got an email from Pointe Magazine, one of the biggest ballet magazines in USA, saying that they love my fashion style and wanted me to be in their magazine’s fashion column; “Studio to Street”. This column spotlights everything fashion, inside and outside of the ballet studio.

You may have already read it, but if you haven’t click below to read! Today, I’m talking about the deets of this article!



Here is the deets of the studio look!

Due to the contracts I can’t have or post other pictures for a while, but when I get them I’ll for sure share them with you! Photos by  Quinn Wharton

Due to the contracts I can’t have or post other pictures for a while, but when I get them I’ll for sure share them with you! Photos by Quinn Wharton

Leotard by Eleve Dance Wear : Eleve is my absolute favorite leotard brand! I love YUMIKO and all other custom leotard brands also, but I just adore Eleve’s cuts so much. They are just so flattering on my body type. Wearing the color Mauve & White Matte!

Fun Fact: I love sleeveless leotards, I find myself look better when my shoulders are out. I DISLIKE cap sleeve designs.

Rehearsal skirt by Toi Toi Toi Designs : This custom made skirt shop is owned by my barre buddy at my ballet company Abi, who is the kindest human being I’ve ever met. She makes all the skirts just how you’d like. She made the one I’m wearing from my own sketch! I was being so picky and selfish, and she made it into a real thing! Her shop closes once the orders reach to maximum amount for the month, so purchase yours in the beginning of the month if you are thinking about it! Wearing double waist bands: top/wine, bottom/mauve, and layered fabrics in Azelie style: top/cocoa, bottom/wine!

Fun Fact: I wear NO skirts or trash bags during the class. I do wear warmups until I feel warm enough (another fun fact, I have a low body temperature than average people. It takes a while for my body to warm up, also a little bit of temperature rising can easily make me sick!), once I’m warm I only wear leotard and tights. Because everyday class is facing my reality. I already hide enough so at least when I can, I should'n’t have anymore reasons to hide my body! hahaha

Pointe shoes by Gaynor Minden : As the article says, I wear one size up because my index toes are extremely long (kind of creepy!), and they actually help my legs look a bit longer. I’d use any tricks to make my legs longer, hey, I’m only 5’1” and a quarter!

Jewelry : I feel absolutely myself when I’m layering and covered with jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces. Without them I feel naked! Unfortunately though, it can be dangerous in the studio. During class I usually wear whatever I want to wear. And then once rehearsals start, I take my earrings off if they are big or unstable, I take my necklaces off if they are heavy or long, because I usually have pas rehearsals everyday. That’s the main reason I became a non-bracelets-or-rings-person, because hands & arms are the majority of the parts that connect to my partners. I usually keep only my small initial necklace and wedding band on and that’s it.

After all, I enjoy “studio fashion” by keeping the color tones the same. Yes, monochromatic style! (haha) As much as I love patterns in my regular fashion, I tend to choose solid and simple colors in the studio. Fashion is a big thing for me, so it can easily motivate me - I’M NICER WHEN I LIKE MY OUTFIT, both inside and outside of the studio! (I literally have to change between rehearsals sometimes because I feel uncomfortable MENTALLY by the look. I’m sure you feel me…?)

Hope you enjoyed the article!

Have a magical week ballerinas!