Mix Everything

Mix Everything

I'd say this is one of the craziest look I've styled so far...

Continued from the previous post, here is another look from Nidodileda's Luna Eclipse Collection. I must say, I look so crazy - and I love it.



Mix everything - wearing lots of patterns and colors with lots of textures. Fur, multi floral, lace floral, pink velvet, pink corduroy, and black leather... is it some sort of recipe for something?? But yeah, these Compass Embroidered Faux Fur Coat and Thea Slit Top Dress make a great combo. They are so stunning as a piece, and my f/w outfits are going to be so fun because of them! I already have plenty of outfit ideas especially with this top dress! 

If you know me, you must be like "WHY IS RIE WEARING PINK" - (I'm known as a pink hater) - Let me tell you... I started accepting it very slowly... WHY? - I started to count pink as a nude color. There are a lot of pinks that I still can't stand (LOL) but I'm so in love with those nude, dusty pinks. I'm so fine with them. And I think it's because I started wearing Kylie Jenner lipstick! - The other day I was thinking "what made me start liking pink?" and I looked at the first-pink-item-in-forever, and then thought about the reason why I bought it - BECAUSE IT MATCHED MY KYLIE JENNER LIPSTICK. The color I wear almost everyday. (I wear GINGER, if some of you've ever wondered!) It sounds so silly, but it made SO MUCH sense to me. 




Seriously though, this top is so unique but so useful at the same time! Bravo Nildodileda!

Also a huge bravoooo to Sarah who captured the moments! It's hard to tell texture through a picture without a movement and she gets it!




I don't even know what to say about this coat. What a lovely thing!!! Because it's so fluffy and I'm a small human I almost looked like some sort of undiscovered species, but these detailed floral and color combo make the coat so unique and cool. I have no idea how many times I've gotten asked where I got this during the shoot! I LOVE THIS COAT <3





coat: Nildodileda

dress: Nildodileda

boots: ZOOSHOO

earrings: Gorjana


I wonder now... Do you have any no-no colors?




Photos by Sarah Naji