Handsome in Pink

Handsome in Pink

I've never imagined I'd be wearing all pink in my life.

If you'd asked anyone that knows me about things I hate - I'm 10000% sure the first thing they'd say is "THE COLOR PINK". Even at ballet my boss lets me avoid wearing pink costumes as much as I can. I don't even know how I can avoid wearing pink in the ballet world! haha I was known as a pink hater but I also blogged about slowly starting to open up to the color - wanna know the reason? Read the post about it from HERE!

Since I started forgiving (lol) pink, I was looking for my own style to enjoy this color without feeling uncomfortable. The reason I hated pink was I felt so girly. I'm not your typical girly girl inside and out, I had to find the way to feel comfortable in this color. Like I blogged, I'm fine with nude/brush pink - and this peachy pink blazer and pants suit from Zaful literally gave me the answer to my pink-struggle!




All in pink - but super modern, sharp, and trendy. This is exactly what I was looking for. An oversized floral blazer is always my favorite, but just a blazer wasn't enough, I wanted matching pants! Suits are SO ON TREND right now, especially for the spring season, I'm so glad to have my first funky suit in my closet! If I worked at an actual office, I'd wear a suit like this everyday.

The fun thing about suits is you can wear whatever inside and you'd still look so modern and stylish. I wore a plain tee this day but I can wear a crisp collared shirt, colored velvet crop top, graphic tee, simple turtle neck... literally anything. If you are looking for something for spring and don't know what exactly it is, GET A SUIT! And let's suit up together!




I don't forget about pattern play y'all!

One pattern isn't enough for me anymore... I have to sneak some extra pattern into the look! haha These snakeskin mules are from ASOS. They are simple so it's very easy to pattern play with these shoes. 

My accessory details - I'm in love with these creme hoop earrings by Mermsical all the way from Singapore! I have tons of metal jewelry so these are great addition to my earring choices. The sunnies are also from Zaful, they are only $5!!!!! They will be my go-to sunnies for spring for sure!




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blazer: Zaful

pants: Zaful

sunnies: Zaful

earrings: Mermsical

mules: ASOS

Find more suit from Zaful: blazer / pants





Photos by Sarah Naji