A little black bear

A little black bear

Fun jackets are the only reasons I survive winter.

I love Christmas season but I am NOT a fan of winter. When I'm cold I can barely have a conversation with anyone because only thing I say is "I'm cold". LOL I b*tch about it so hard... Even styling wise, cold weather is an enemy to me because I can look like a chunky snowman real easy. So a warm, stylish jacket is a must for this cold weather hater.




So Sanctuary Clothing gifted me a lifesaver... Literally one of the warmest jackets I own now. I'm super duper satisfied with how warm and chic it is at the same time. And no worries, it's not real fur! I love how simple it is, it will definitely be my go-to jacket this winter because I can style it with anything!




Continued from the previous post, wearing a GUCCI inspired outfit with Sylven New York's boots. I modeled for 3 styles and this is absolutely my favorite pair of theirs. Unbelievably comfortable to walk in. Black goes with everything but I adore black X  mustard yellow combo the most so here I am wearing my forever favorite floral blazer from ASOS, and checker pants from Free People. I try not to wear the same outfit in general but I do repeat the blazer and pants combo a lot. I just change the shirt every time so I feel like I'm not breaking my own rules. Speaking of my own rules, I also put my hair up when I wear a big outer or scarf to avoid the chunky look. And another rule: when my hair is up, I must wear biiiiig earrings. It's all about the balance - I added a velvet headband to my bun so my head can stay warm too!




All the shots includes the ones from the previous post are taken by Kristin in Old City, Philly. I'm quite familiar to there so I gave her a little tour while we shot! I love shooting with her because we shoot super fast. We had 5 outfits to shoot and it only took us 2 and a half hours to shoot, including time of walking around to find spots, outfit/hair changes, and a coffee break! Old City is a great area to shoot since there are a lot of colors and beautiful buildings as background!





jacket: Sanctuary Clothing

boots: Sylven New York  RAE

blazer: ASOS

top/pants/earrings: Free People

headband: Brothers & Sisters


Did I mention that I had 5 looks for the shoot? Yes, I have 2 more looks that I'd love to share with you guys! My pattern play game is still happening!



Photos by Kristin Greco