So I Recreated The Anthro Looks 10 Times Cheaper

Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite clothing brands!

But let me be honest - there is no way I can afford outfits and outfits from them that often… BUT! I found almost the exact same pieces from those fast fashion brands and I was able to recreate the Anthro looks, 10 TIMES CHEAPER, and I wanted to share with you!

Photo Jun 02, 1 12 54 AM.jpg
Photo May 24, 9 14 06 PM.jpg

I recreated this look of $179

Photo Jun 02, 1 12 13 AM.jpg

From SHEIN for $16!

Yellow daisy dresses are so in this spring/summer. SHEIN has them in SO MANY styles! I’m not a short dress person, but if it’s only $16, I’d give it a try! The material is quite thin though, so it gets wrinkly easy! But hey, again, trendy dress for $16!


Photo Jun 02, 2 36 00 AM.jpg
Photo May 24, 9 20 05 PM.jpg

I recreated this look of $120

Photo Jun 02, 2 38 36 AM.jpg

From Zara (KIDS) for $19!

I found these pants at ZARA kids right after Anthro posted the pictures of red bottoms with W&B florals. What a coincidence! - Although they are from kids section, the waist band stretches so much and they easily fit me. I got a size 13-14(y/o) but I could have gotten a size smaller. They are made so nicely, really light, I love them!


Photo Jun 02, 5 57 41 AM.jpg
Photo May 24, 9 15 35 PM.jpg

I recreated this look of $179

Photo Jun 02, 5 55 59 AM.jpg

From SHEIN for $16!

Ok so the dress was on my anthro wishlist for a loooong time, and by the time I finally made a decision to purchase it, my size was sold out! And then the other day when I was checking on SHEIN website, THE EXACT SAME dress popped up. The flowers aren’t as golden yellow as Anthro’s, they are more lime yellow. The fabric doesn’t really stretch, and really thin. BUT because I’ve wanted this dress for so long, I’m satisfied. Definitely well $16 spent!


So what do you think about my recreation? Anthro’s quality is for sure better but I’m glad I’ve got to have the similar looks in my wardrobe! Like I said over the blogpost the other day, you don’t have to spend too much $$$ to be trendy, you’ve gotta shop smart! Hope you guys enjoyed this post today!