The 3 Bags That Will Complete Your Spring Look

Oh la la I’m so happy it’s officially spring!

Although I was down this past weekend by getting the flu, I could smell spring in the air! I love spring as much as I love fall. I LIVE for these seasons and I’m just super duper excited for spring fashion 2019!

Warm weather means it’s time to play around with nature-textured bags! Every year they come back, they will never “expire” and I keep adding more to my wardrobe - It is impossible to stop! What I love about these bags is that they make the outfits look so springy/summery, and they go with any type of outfits. With a spring dress? - YES. With a professional look? - YES! And today I’m sharing with you 3 must have textured bags you want to add this season if you haven’t!

Photo Mar 28, 3 24 47 AM.jpg


The bamboo bags have been around especially since last year! I wanted one but I missed last year, so I had to get one this year. I like this “original” design but there are so many unique ones out these! Mine is so light and I love it!

Photo Mar 28, 3 40 43 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 2 35 32 AM.jpg


Photo Mar 22, 2 35 38 AM.jpg


Oh. My. God. These bags are literally my wardrobe game changers. I got my first one last spring, and I can’t even count how many outfits I’ve styled with it. And then I added a new one this spring so I will be using these bags like I’m addicted. (I am though…) They are soft - almost like cotton totes! There are so many of these bags out there, but I personally LOVE the bigger ones because 1) You can carry SO MUCH which is perfect for people like me who carries a lot of things, 2) But you won’t look like a bag lady, you would still look SO cute!

Photo Mar 22, 2 38 50 PM.jpg


Photo Mar 04, 2 10 39 PM.jpg


I think wicker bags are FOREVER trendy. I remember having one when I was little, and every spring/summer it’s a huge trend in Japan too. I’m sure it’s a world trend this time of the year! I love that they have the outdoor picnic vibes and give the outfits playful-spice. I cannot stop looking for/getting them and my hubby Eddie finally went “NO MORE WICKERS!” hehe - well he can’t stop me either!

Photo Jan 02, 1 20 05 PM.jpg


These bag will 100% make your outfit look more fun, and you can also change them up by putting scarves on! You will never ever get tired of them, I promise you! <3


Photos by Haley Hopkins & Angela Zielen