A Trick For A Good Scarf Ponytail

So I had this problem…

Every time when I’ve worn a ponytail with a scarf, the scarf slipped off of my ponytail. It never stayed… I always had to tighten it back on my ponytail so many times. But ever since I started using this “trick”, I never worry about my scarf falling off again! So I wanted to share with you, if you had the same problem!

Photo Feb 25, 4 34 51 PM.jpg

1: Make a ponytail

It works with either high or low ponytail

Photo Feb 25, 4 35 13 PM.jpg

2: Put the scarf through the hair tie

This is the trick! Just let the scarf go through the hair tie, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Photo Feb 25, 4 35 51 PM.jpg

3: Change up

Depending on fabrics, lengths, thickness of the scarf, repeat the trick! If you use cotton, like bandanas, I only put the scarf into the hair tie once. For long, slippery silk scarves, I put it through the hair tie a few times. On top, on bottom, alternately!


4: Tighten up

After you tie the scarf, tighten your ponytail by pulling your hair. This puts your scarf and hair tie right back onto your head!

Photo Feb 25, 4 37 19 PM.jpg

5: Bow or No Bow

Again, depending on the type of scarf I change up. I usually make a bow if it’s a skinny scarf, and I don’t make a bow if it’s a thick scarf because I’m not a fan of big fat bows!

Photo Feb 25, 4 37 18 PM.jpg

That’s it!

I love this easy hairstyling with scarves!

Here are some beautiful scarves that are under $25 and perfect size for hair, neck, and anywhere!

Enjoy along with this day’s #OOTD! My major obsession; WHITE as a main color, I wore a bit of a professional and chic look, and added the scarf for a small pop of color! The textures I mixed is; pearl, silk, and snakeskin (p)leather!

Tap the photo for the slideshow!

That’s a wrap…


Photos by Haley Hopkins