2 Different Looks,  2  Same Accessories

My favorite season; FALL!

It's finally fall and I'm just as hype as every year. I love everything about fall. One of the reasons is because fall fashion is always my favorite. The animal print is back again this fall continued from last year, so are plaid check items, mules, suits, and all the things I love, but this year "fanny pack" is on fire - This trend is loved, and hated at the same time... Honestly, I wasn't really crazy about it either. UNTIL I saw these classy, not sporty, kinda artsy, ones on my Pinterest. "Holy Smokes, OK, I love this contemporary-fashion belt purse type!!" 

So I got my first fanny pack from ASOS, only for $21, and as soon as I got it I started styling - and then I was like, "This is a perfect new thingy I got for this fall!!! - so today I'm talking about 2 different ways I wore my fanny pack/belt purse,  along with 2 different styling vibes WITH THE SAME TONES because I'm loving neutral colored looks lately. 



Look 1; With Pants


I think a fanny pack X scarf is such a classy, effortlessly modern looking combo. I love love love this pair together like this look and I'll definitely be wearing it with so many other looks - once it gets colder I want to wear this combo over my trench coats and blazers. Woooo just thinking about it makes me so excited!


Good thing about fanny pack is you have your hands free! It's SO convenient!


Look2; With Skirt


I'm such a wide leg pants/maxi skirt person but I'm focusing on those tight midi skirts this season. They are so feminine and makes me feel like I'm a grown woman. And here I am styling the same fanny pack and the scarf a bit differently. Wearing scarf as a necklace is one of the easiest yet the most stylish ways to accessorize scarves, it's my go-to styling. 


Everyone is wearing their fanny packs however they want, there is no such rules out there but keeping it chic is definitely my big thing! 



I picked some very chic ones that are UNDER $100! 

I am absolutely excited to join this fanny pack trend, are you?

Photos by Haley Hopkins