Rie Aoki

A Small Human And A Big Dress

Rie Aoki
A Small Human And A Big Dress

So, one of my fave things to do is thrifting.

When I have time I love going thrift shopping, hitting flea markets, finding new antique shops, etc. Yeah pretty much I LOVE SHOPPING. The other day I found a perfect meme for myself -

I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter.

Literally, I relate to it... Don't you too? lol

Anyways, (cough) I shot with Cara for the first time in Philly last month, and I wore one of my latest thrift finds to the shoot!




This dress has 2 fun facts - 1: It is a made in India dress and was only 6 bucks. 2: I'm a size 00 and it's a size 18 - When I found this dress from far I was like "please be my size, please be my size", I came closer and saw the tag and found out it's a size 18 I was like "I'm getting it anyway" - it was for sure a well spent 6 dollars. This warm color combo is just oh so perfect! AAAAND most importantly IT DOESN'T DRAG ON THE GROUND - being 5"1' and pocket sized isn't really easy when you are a maxi dress lover but this dress, although it's 18 sizes too big, doesn't trip me! I love that you find something so odd but one of a kind and perfect for you for such affordable prices at thrift stores. Like "is this all I'm gonna spend on this perfection?"




Spiced up with fun jewelry - A perfect necklace to a boho look; Mary Jane's Last Dance Necklace by Love and Leather is my go-to necklace, it goes so dang cute with just a plain tee too! My gold rings are from Tace Jewelry that I adore, and these bold earrings are by my friend Mary Kate. She found them via Moorea Seal.


It was Cara's first time shooting in Philly so we started shooting simply from Rittenhouse Square Park and we ended up shooting at a bunch of fun spots that I've never even seen in Philly! It was such a fun day exploring Philly with her.




WEARING (click to shop!)

dress: Salvation Army

necklace: Love and Leather

rings: Tace Jewelry

earrings: Moore Seal

bracelet/clogs: vintage found




Photos by Cara Kelly