Rie Aoki

A Secret Garden

Rie Aoki
A Secret Garden

Despite the depressing winter...

I met up with Shelby the other day, and we discovered a beautiful green house somewhere in Philly. We always have good luck finding locations without planning!

 I'm so sick of winter (I'm a winter hater) and I needed a tropical vibe to my depressing cold days. I feel like I'm totally a different person in spring and winter - In winter I'm very, VERY grumpy and reserved, I should go into hibernation. Like, I'm sorry for the things I said when it was winter. For real. hahaha  But once it's warm, I'm happy, fun, outgoing, and NICE. This green house definitely made me a spring version of myself. My funky red outfit popped in the greens and I couldn't be any happier!




This sheer top is from Urban and I'M IN LOVE. My friend Kelly has it and posted a picture on her Instagram, I immediately asked her where it's from and I had to go get it. I love the warm color combination and it will definitely be a perfect accent/layer to my spring outfits. Wearing red everywhere and this is the proof of "NEVER TOO MUCH RED"!  Layering bralette that's also from Urban underneath, and I absolutely love this not-too-sexy layering. Maybe it works because I have no boobs... Sometimes I wish I had big boobs but I'm honestly happy with my 'little ones' because I can wear whatever without looking too sexual. Oh well, small boobs, big dreams! 




WEARING (click to go directly to the page!)

top: Urban Outfitters

pants: FOREVER21

bralette: Urban Outfitters

sunnies: Urban Outfitters

earrings: Anthropologie




Photos by Shelby Ricci