Rie Aoki

Mustard Yellow

Rie Aoki
Mustard Yellow

When you are in your favorite color... <3

My closet is very colorful but I think I own yellow items, especially mustard yellow, the most. I have every item in this color - from socks to jackets. It's my #1 favorite color and I love this color on my skin! Today I'll talk about this mustard yellow shirt from Allegra - it's actually a bodysuit!

I've been working with Allegra for a year and a half now, and they are rocking the boho world everyday, every collection. Like I said before, they know how to boho!




Compliments: Love the scandalous deep cut in front, love the satin texture, looooove the Asian inspired floral pattern, I can't get enough of it. And I really enjoyed wearing it with everything else in black so it stands out! It can be either casual day outfit or night out look, this item really changes its face depending on what other items you wear with! I appreciate clothes like that.

Location: I had a ballet shoot with the lovely Lauren at the most beautiful vintage place, which I can't wait to show you and talk about, and we moved to Bryn Mawr, PA to shoot this look and have dinner - since the day we shot for the first time she kept telling me there is a yellow building that I'd fall in love with - she was dang right! I did fall in love with this house!




WEARING (click to go directly to the page!)

shirt/bodysuit: Allegra

overalls: Free People

boots: Free People


What's your color that makes you so happy to wear?



Photos by Lauren Driscoll