How To Dress Like A Modern Day Cowgirl

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Cowgirl


Who thought the western-cowgirl trend would make a come back?! I saw so many cool bloggers wearing cowgirl boots at NYFW, PFW, MFW… I mean everywhere! I know I have a pair somewhere at home, now I feel like I have to bring them out.

In real life it’s 50/50 for this cowgirl boots trend, but I fully, 100% support the mix of the modern look and the western trend. “Cowgirl” doesn't mean just the boots. There are so many other items that belong to the category. Like, cowboy hats, bolo ties, button ups, fringe, and buckle belts… yes, all the things I’ve been wearing since forever. The things my friends would call “Rie things”.

Although I’ve always loved these things, I’ve always worn them more bohemian, but this year’s trend is all about MIXING WITH MODERN LOOKS. So today I’m blogging about following this trend in 2018 way.


What did I style to be a modern day cow girl? - Cowgirl hat and SUIT!

I’ve been having this thing for suits for a while (check out the blogpost about my love for suit from here >> Handsome In Pink <<), and I just got new suit… and I’M IN LOVE!!!


Let me talk about this suit!
Since one of my forever style icons Vanessa Hudgens released her collection via SUISTUDIO, I’ve been dying to have 3 pieces suits. And then I found the exact one I LOOOOOOVE, and they are from my favorite brand Nidodileda (yes I’m officially on their website!!!). The cool thing about this vest blazer is that it can be worn as a dress too - vest blazer dress.. ok… that sounds like something Blake Lively would wear, and she’s also one of style icon celebrities I follow, SO YAS!


Here are some affordable blazers/suits I picked for you and also I’d love to have.

I usually find my hats vintage. But yea I know, it’s not easy to hit the jackpot. So here are some my fave hats I picked!

In addition to that, I found my old photos when I styled a blazer, cowboy hat, and a bolo tie! This shoot was almost 2 years ago - wait, can I say I was secretly ahead of the trend..? (Photos by Lani Joelle)

But yeah! I absolutely like adding a (cowboy) hat to the suit trend. It definitely fits my mood right now! If you have a blazer and hat, just trust me and try this urban cowboy styling, I bet you will find something “new” for yourself!!!


Photos by Cara Kelly