#Rie Plie Grand Plie

#Rie Plie Grand Plie

Did you know I'm a ballerina??

Because I rarely post things about ballet on my IG, so many of you may not know but I'm a professional ballet dancer and that's how I live. This year marks my 20th year of dancing and I can't believe it's already been that long! Gawd I feel my age now! hahaha

I've been dancing for 5 years at First State Ballet Theatre, the only professional ballet company here in Delaware, it's called "a hidden gem". We are strictly following the Russian ballet method, which I went to school for. We perform beautiful, dedicated, and traditional ballet at the historic Grand Opera House. It's such a magical place!

So, I usually do style shoots but this time was my first ballet shoot slash my first styled boudoir shoot! When Lauren, one of my fave people to shoot with gave me the idea I was super pumped! Fashion and ballet are the only things I've continued loving since I was a little kid. This shoot meant more than anything. 




About #RiePlieGrandPlie

If you want to see my ballet work, search (or simply click) this hashtag #RiePlieGrandPlie on IG! There are actually lots of videos and pictures - the word "plie" is one of the first words/things you learn when you start learning ballet. My elder Russian ballet teacher couldn't pronounce or remember my name right, so I told her it's pronounced in the same way as "plie" but without "p", and from the next day she started calling me "Rie Plie Grand Plie"! Literally the best nickname I've ever gotten! haha

Guys I have to tell you, I'm so lucky that I get to do what I love for living. My best friends in Japan who I went to high school with always tell me that they are jealous of me and proud of me. Because I'm living and still following the dream I've had since forever.  High school was the time when I decided I want to do ballet for an actual job. I was thinking and fighting over and over, do I wanna keep dancing? or do I wanna go to the college? Then I've decided to finalize my ballet education at an actual ballet school in D.C. (And that's the reason I came to America!!) They all saw me when I was going through that moment and now years and years later I'm still dancing and following my passion. They are so happy about it and so am I. They are always my fans even though they are on the other side of the earth! - I'm so proud of myself coming this far, but it's never far enough. That's what I love about ballet though, it makes me want to keep going and I DO NOT feel like it's "work". I'm living in what I dreamed when I was a little kid! 




Behind The Scene

There is so much effort into these perfect shots with the fabric. Behind of the lens, Kristin - yes "the" kristin,  was throwing the fabric over and over for the shots! She was like a pro! And look at this beautiful bouquet Lauren from Flora put together for the shoot. I LOVE FLOWERS and this bouquet was absolutely stunning! No wonder why all the shots tuned out so magical! Bravo to Lauren and the team! <3


Aaaand! Lauren and I are having another ballet boudoir shoot next week and I'm super duper hyped for it! Stay tuned and warm guys!




Photos by Lauren Driscoll