How I Instagram

How I Instagram

So today I'll tell you my secret!

"How do you make your feed?" - it's the most asked question I get in my DMs. Most of the photos that are taken by photographers are edited by them so I'll talk about photos I took by myself and those daily #OOTD photos.

I care about Instagram way too much and I'm VERY picky and stubborn and particular about how my feed looks. I'm known for how crazy and extra I am about Instagram, and I totally admit it. hahaha

To be honest, I'm just doing it for myself because I have OCD when it comes to colors and placements in general. I'm very particular about it. It just satisfies me so much when things look perfectly coordinated. So today I'll tell you how crazy and extra I really am and hope you enjoy it! hahaha





Warm tones are definitely my big thing. I put a pop of red here and there to keep it warmer. Even though I wear cold colors (very rarely though), I edit the photos to look warmer. How do I edit? I recently started editing with Lightroom on my laptop but since I'm a beginner and I'm still trying to figure stuff out I won't talk about it. lol But I also edit a lot on my phone using a few apps! And my absolute go-to app is VSCO.



I'm sure it's the most popular photo editing app, but I put a bit of my craziness to it too...




So these first 6 filters are the ones I use most of the time. My #1 used filter is M5. M5 puts the warm-vintage vibe on any photo and I've been using this filter for years. And I use this filter for my pictures, videos, and boomerang for my Instagram stories. Yes, I edit them first with VSCO and then post on my IG story. (When my friend Richy saw me editing boomerang he shook his head and simply said "Rie you are SO EXTRA" - when my bae Aubrey saw it she just laughed out loud "Rie you are SO particular about it lolololol". YEAH THEY KNOW.)  I don't use IG's filters for anything...

For the details, I usually don't change anything but I love putting grain on for the vintage look. It makes the whole photo look like it's taken with an old camera!


( original )


( with VSCO M5 filter + grain )



Here is my extra pointer: when I don't like how the photo looks with a filter, I put 2+ filters on it. - How? I simply put one filter on and save it, and then put different filter on the one I saved. It doesn't make me satisfied if the tone isn't how I want!! So I'll try until I find the one I really love.


There is another app I use EVERYDAY and want to recommend to you if you want your IG feed to look organized... It's called UNUM!




It's an app that you can plan how your IG will look in the future! ... yes, not just what color tone my feed has, I care WAY TOO MUCH about the photo order too. (smh) Just typing all this makes me realize how extra I am for Instagram... Guilty! hahaha

Anyhow, with this app, you can move around your photos until you like how the future feed looks!




I use this app like I'm playing a game. It's just so much fun! It also has the feature that is similar to an Instagram business account - but I mainly use this app for the feed organizing. I have a few of my own rules about the photo placement but it's going to be a loooooong story if I talk about it, so I'm just not going to say anything. lol

I hope this post helped everyone who asked me about how I edit my photos! Like I mentioned earlier I just started editing with Lightroom - I've been learning a lot and having so much fun editing my photos! Someday when I get confident I'll talk about it!