Hello hello 2018!

Happy New Year my friends! How was your holiday? I had a great time with Eddie and his fam in Michigan, it was ridiculously cold outside, but it was filled with warm hearts in the house!

Have you guys made any New Year's resolutions yet? This year I have a lot more than these past years! So I'll announce them instead of writing them down in my journal so I have to prove it hahaha

Follow along with my New Year's goals, here are some photos from one of my recent shoots! Yes, the GUCCI inspired shoot for Sylven New York with Kristin.



So here goes my New Year's resolutions!


1: Be more proactive with the blog

2017 gave me tons and tons of opportunities to work with brands and photographers, it was a huge kick to expand "RIE VICTORIA AOKI". It was magical and thanks again to all the people who were involved! I'm making a little bit of change in the blog this year - I want to put more personality into it. Not just featuring brands/photographers and giving you a style tip, I want to pee-ka-boo more of my actual lifestyle. Like, how I do my hair, how I choose my outfit quick in the morning or wear the same items with totally different looks, my favorite food or some Japanese food recipes, how I edit my photos, etc. I want it to grow into more "Rie". It's not going to be that easy since English is not my first language and I always have hard time describing what I really want to say, but I will definitely be thrilled to do this. I really hope this stupid net neutrality repeal won't let me down though! I hope I can open more doors, and get recognizable in the fashion world. Send me an Email or message or whatever if you want to know something about me, I'd love to answer!


2: Cook more often and be healthy

Don't lol at me! haha  2017 kept me very busy in a good way, but I turned out being SUPER lazy once I get home and most likely, I'm not gonna lie, I was depending on McDonald's... So This year I bought a blank notebook that I wanna grow into a cookbook. I want to keep adding recipes I love and I've already added a few that I learned from my family members during the holidays! I'm too old to keep eating junk, before it will catch up with me, I've gotta be better!


3: Go to Europe and West coast

I've never been to Europe or West coast. I've been in the states for almost 7 years now and I still haven't been to California or LA or all those cool places. I always wanted to go to Europe and as I get older I want to go there more. I don't necessarily have to be a world traveler, I just want to see the places!


4: Get more tattoos

Compared to other resolutions, this one is a bit silly but I'm serious! Because I have ballet I don't really want any on my arms or top but my goal is to be covered with tattoos once I take off my leotard or costume! So far I have 4 - on my torso, hip, ankle, and white one on my wrist!


5: Be able to drive

This one has been on my New Year's resolutions FOR YEARS. And here I am still sitting on the passenger seat everyday... I'VE GOTTA MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


6: Get a new camera

Sign... it's super duper expensive! But I've had my eyes on this camera for a little while now, I hope my bank account will let me get it! haha




This look is one of my favorite pattern play looks! I'm feeling "London preppy" here... lol Cheetah and plaid check make a great combo. And man... the silver metallic skirt is SO FUN to style with! You can wear it with any kind of styles, in any seasons, I feel like I can still come up with hundreds of style ideas. If you don't have one yet, I promise you will not regret getting one. Also these grey boots complete any kind of looks. I'm loving the vintage-worn design and again, they are so so comfortable!



blazer: vintage found

blouse: Sanctuary

skirt: Ludovica

boots: Sylven New York  ANNE

beret: David and Young




Oh and I have one more resolution... Living my life and chasing what I love - it's a very important thing to remember that I am myself and I make my own decision to create my own life. It's almost a life resolution! #YOLO!

Hope 2018 brings all of you so much happiness! <3



Photos by Kristin Greco